AATECH air cleaning panel light installed at Italy Milan Airport

2021-02-09 13:37

AATECH LED air cleaning panel light installed at Italy Milan airport

As the Covid 19 influence to all over the world, everybody are fear of it, we are very pleasure that we designed air cleaning LED panel light can offer some help in front of covid 19.

At August, our light successfully installed at Italy Milan airport's elevator, which can kill all kinds of virus and bacterias in the elevator, especially there's many different country's people in and out every day, elevator is a high risky place to make people get infected,   very big threat if there's a covid 19 infected person take the elevator...

By use AATECH's new designed nano material air cleaning LED panel light, customer can easily avoid such threat and lower the risk to get Covid 19.

AATECH air cleaning LED panel light features:

In 20 minutes, eliminate 99% of all kinds of:

Virus (H1N1, Enterovirus,etc)

Bacteria (Superbug, Tuvercle, Salmonella,etc)

Corona pneumonia, Formaldehyde, TVOC, etc

With FDA, SGS, CE, EMC, etc certificates.

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