Lumileds brings Stylist white LED technology to mid-power packages

2021-03-01 11:31

LEDs with spectral power distribution tuned to optimally illuminate specific goods in retail markets from fashion to food are intended to boost sales to the end customer who sees the displayed items accurately.

Lumileds has announced an extension of its Luxeon Stylist LED technology to a range of components that will be supplied in mid-power packages. The Stylist concept is based on spectral power distribution (SPD) of individual components being targeted specifically to lighting one type of retail product — for example, red meat in a grocery — optimally. The new Luxeon Stylist mid-power packaged LEDs will enable the technology to find usage in new solid-state lighting (SSL) product types such as linear fixtures with diffuse optics.

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Lumileds first announced Stylist LEDs just over a year back when it rolled the technology platform out in chip-on-board (COB) LEDs. The COB products target directional lighting in lamp and luminaire product forms. And the concept of a tuned SPD really originated with the CrispWhite COB LED that earned the Lumileds development team recognition as the LEDs MagazineSapphire Awards Illumineer of the Year in 2015

Lumileds' new CrispColor (top) and FreshFocus (bottom) packaged LEDs have been released in additional form factors for SSL luminaire designs in dry-goods and grocery lighting applications.

But Lumileds clearly felt customer demand for Stylist technology in more diverse luminaire form factors. “Customers using our Luxeon Stylist Series LEDs are so pleased with the light quality that they want the identical look and feel in all parts of the retail shop or market regardless of fixture type,” said Eric Senders, product line director for the Luxeon Stylist Series. “Lumileds enables this with our mid power additions to the Stylist Series, achieving a consistent shopping experience.”

Specifically, Lumileds will offer Stylist CrispColor technology in the Luxeon 2835 3V and 3535L HE LED families. CrispColor reveals richer colors and brighter whites in dry-goods retail — for instance, lighting clothes. The 2835 3V packaged LEDs were just launched in standard SPDs earlier this year. The 3535L HE was originally announced as part of what Lumileds called “mid-power March” back in 2016.

The company will offer the Stylist FreshFocus technology in the 2835 3V and the Luxeon 3014 LED families. FreshFocus includes SPD options designed for meats, fish, baked goods, and produce in a grocery lighting application. The 3014 was also originally launched during mid-power March in 2016.