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LED Panel 150x150mm

AATECH LED panel light is new lighting solution which is based on white LED bulbs for commercial lighting and home lighting. With unique design, LED panle light can be hanged on the roof ,mounted to the walls or on the surface of other objects. It is also a nice choice for decorative lighting.The lifetime of LED panel light is 20 times than incandescent lamp, which means it will save more energy and money. The high quality flat panels utilise the latest high power white LED technology for a practical solution to general overhead room and office lighting. A number of colour temperature options are available to suit each environment, such as Warm White for the relaxing "warm glow" of incandescent bulbs or Cool White for crisp, clear illumination and task lighting.



1) Super bright LED light source, high light efficiency > 80lm/W, energy saving more than 80% and eco-friendly, smoothly light for our eyes;
2) Aluminum alloy frame with anti-static thermoplastic coating, corrosion resisting and antioxidant;
3) Constant current power supply ,PF> 0.95, no flicker, no noise,input voltage AC85-265V;
5) Special circuit layout and good heat dissipation, lifespan more than 50000 hours;
6) Beautiful appearance, elegant, lightweight, untra-thin;
7) Easy installations: Recessed , Mounted, Suspension, Imbedded installation are available.



LED panel light widely used in Commercial purposes,Conference&Meeting rooms, Residential Buildings, Home,Office , School, Library,Factory, Warehouse, Hotel, Casino, Hospital,Commercial Center, Supermarket, Shopping mall etc.



                      LED panel light in Office                                                          LED panel light in Hotel


                           LED panel light in Shop                                                                        LED panel light in Home


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